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Eco Care Technologies, Chennai, pioneers in manufacturing food waste crushers – Garbodrain for more than 20 years. The idea of Garbodrain was conceived by J. Bharadwaj in the year 1993. He had conceived and developed a gadget which will crush and flush food waste at the source, Kitchen, itself and aptly named it Garbodrain – which means Garbage need to be sent to Drainage (Garbage to Drainage). This cute Gadget will be fitted below the kitchen sink which will crush and flush food waste through the drain.

Garbodrain comes in 4 variants – one for domestic and the other three for commercial applications.

Garbodrain is a compact device which can be easily fitted below the kitchen sink. The food waste disposed in the sink will enter the device where it gets crushed and the food waste is drained out.

This is suitable for using at various establishments. Currently, our products are extensively used in places including households, educational institutions, government offices, armed forces, public and private sector organizations and residences of celebrities.

Advantage Garbodrain!

  • Cost Reduction – Generally, disposing Food waste thru other means (giving it to Piggeries or Cattle) will cost money
  • Disposal at Source – Food waste is crushed and flushed down the drain from the kitchen
  • Hygienic Kitchen – No foul smell since Food waste gets disposed immediately
  • Simple & User Friendly – Garbodrain disposes food waste on line and does not require any manual handling during this process
  • Trouble Free – The grinding concept maintains the grinding chamber clean with regular usage.
  • Contribution to Swachh Bharat! Garbodrain deployment demonstrates the organization is keen about a Clean India!
  • Hygienic Kitchen – Enjoy fresh smelling kitchen with no food waste accumulated at all!
  • Better Saving – Save more of your money by spending less on disposal

Complete Care – Enjoy complete care by Garbodrain. Our 2 decades of incredible experience will speak for our excellence!