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What is Garbodrain?

Garbodrain is a device which is electrically operated. This device is meant for crushing and flushing out all the kitchen waste into the drain.

How do you define Kitchen Waste in the words of Garbodrain?

Kitchen waste can be defined as any part of cooking or eating process that is used, unused or cannot be used

What is the need for Garbodrain?

Garbodrain will leave your environment spick and span, and helps maintain proper hygiene at your place and the entire society. The device helps you in disposing the kitchen waste in an easy manner, instead of accumulating it in the dumping yard which is effortful and consumes money

Does the device come in different models?

Garbodrain is available in four models ranging from models that suit a family of 4 to 6, up to a large organization carrying more than thousand employees

What are the advantages of using Garbodrain?

Garbodrain can help you in maintaining your kitchen hygienic and clean. With this device, you can get rid of the foul smell that rises out of kitchen waste which will eventually harm the environment and serve hazardous to health!

What are the food wastes that go into Garbodrain?

Food wastes including fruit or vegetable peels, leftover food, bones, etc can be sent into Garbodrain

Where is Garbodrain manufactured?

Garbodrain is manufactured in Chennai.

How long Garbodrain has been around?

Garbodrain has been in the Indian Market since October 1993

What will Garbodrain provide?

Garbodrain provides clog-free drains

How does Garbodrain work?

The functioning of Garbodrain is as simple as that! The device is fitted permanently below the kitchen sink and the outlets are connected with the regular drainage system. To get all your kitchen waste cleared the smart way, open the tap and turn on the device and feed the entire kitchen waste into the device.

What is the power supply required for Garbodrain?

Garbodrain consumes very minimal units of power. It consumes just 1 unit of power per month for crushing food wastes obtained in a family of 6 members

What is the water supply required for Garbodrain?

For 1 kg of food waste, the water supply required is approximately 1.5 litres. This volume of water required for Garbodrain may be a part of total water supply used for cleaning dishes.

Is there any website where I can know about Garbodrain and view a demo of the functioning of the device?

Yes, we do have a website for Garbodrain. Here it is:

How much does Garbodrain cost?

Garbodrian is priced Rs 8995 per device. This price is inclusive of VAT and for installation within Chennai, there will be no installation charge. Our device comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

Will I have any discount if I purchase Garbodrain in bulk for installation in my entire apartment?

Yes, we can offer the device at slashed rates in case of bulk purchase

Who will be the point of contact for inquiring details about purchasing Garbodrain?

You may get in touch with Mr Vijay of Garbodrain.