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For Large hotels, Industrial canteen ships
  • Product: Garbodrain Grand – FOOD WASTE DISPOSER
  • Model: G-Grand– A self contained Commercial model with SS sink can be used independently.
  • Useful for: Large Hotel & Industrial Canteens, Ships, Oil Rigs, Marriage Halls etc., along with Biogas Plants.
  • Over all size (lxbxh): 1050x650x790mm
  • Sink size: 900x500x200mm
  • Out let / In let: 50mm / 150mm
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Motor(High torque three phase motor) (440V, 50hz, 1440rpm,Continuous duty.): 3hp, 5hp, 7.5hp
  • Disposal capacity (Kg/hour): 250kg, 450kg, 600kg
  • Place G4000 at a convenient place in the kitchen
  • Connect the disposer cable to 440V supply through starter. (The disposer is ready to use)
  • Turn on the switch & open the tap
  • Feed in the wastes like Bones, Eggshells, Vegetable & Fruit peels, Left over Food, Banana Leaves etc.
  • The wastes get crushed and flushed down the drain.
  • Outer body & sink made of SS304 for corrosion free life
  • Grinding ring is Stainless steel & machined for longer life & better grinding.
  • As the disposer is capable of grinding wastes on both the directions the life of the crusher is double.
  • Unlike imported crushers, the motor is not directly coupled eliminating the chances of motor failure due to water seepage through crusher sealing.
  • ELECTRICALS: 440V supply with suitable 3ph starter